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At Ground-Therm, we know how important it is for us to have a high quality of life. We have been improving our technology for years and we care about our products. A ground tube heat exchanger, enclosed in the Ground-Therm system, is an excellent alternative to traditional air conditioners. This system uses the cold (summer) and heat (winter) accumulated in the ground and delivers them to our: home, office or other building, ensuring comfort and healthy climate, regardless of the time of day or season..


Unlike commonly used air conditioners, the air released by the tube heat exchanger, is not dried out. What's more, after passing through the pre-filter, the air is devoid of insects. The possibility of using high quality carbon filters allows to purify the air from dust (such filters allow removal of 95% of PM suspended particulate matter and 98% PM 10 dust) and allergens. This guarantees healthy breathing throughout the home.

In winter, the air exchanger and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (recuperation) allow for a constant supply of fresh air. Thanks to the use of micro-silver fungicidal layer in GWC Ground-Therm and VENTIFLEX® systems, we can always count on the high quality of what we breathe without the risk of mustiness and unpleasant odors.

If we meet several conditions, tubular GHE can also fully replace the air conditioner. It cools the air, and its cooling capacity is enough to maintain a pleasant coolness in an energy-efficient building that does not allow the sun to overheat strongly. Unlike most air conditioners, which only cool the air without replacing it, the air sucked in by the tubular GHE is fresh, additionally filtered through the ground heat exchanger filters and the ventilation unit. The air conditioner will not remove any allergens, carbon dioxide and gas chemicals emitted from the building surrounding us in every building. However, the Ventiflex system equipped with a ground heat exchanger will effectively do it. The price for cooling the air is small, especially since the temperature of the air entering the building may drop even 20 degrees Celsius.

It is estimated that the cost of a ground heat exchanger is paid back after 6-9 years from the moment of purchase. The profitability of the investment results from the quick effects that this type of ventilation brings. Already in the first winter, it can reduce the heating costs of a building by up to 30%* and almost completely eliminate the cooling costs in summer, regardless of the type of building.


Innovative technology, price, quality of workmanship, used ground exchanger - all this in the long-term is an effective response to the needs of environmental protection, but also has a positive impact on the domestic budget, providing real savings.

*based on a comparison to the same building with gravitational ventilation with a similar air exchange rate)

A ground heat exchanger is a perfect complement to a truly efficient ventilation system. The cost of its installation is relatively small, and in return we get a kind of "eco-climate". In winter, it allows you to use the heat from the ground to preheat the air supplied to your home, and effectively cools the temperature in the summer. In this way, it provides a comfortable indoor climate. The operation of GWC is almost free - the cost of the system is included in the purchase price of the ventilation unit.

How it works?

In the summer, hot air is pre-treated in a special intake, and then passes through the Ground-Therm system, gives heat to the ground and cools to +16° C..

The air entering the building does not get too dry (as it happens in traditional air conditioners), in result a pleasant climate prevails even on exceptionally hot days. Suitable filters catch insects and dust from the air supplied.

In the winter cold air, pre-cleaned in the intake filter, passes through the Ground-Therm GWC system and receives heat from the ground, and as a result, heats up to +2 ºC

Then, the ground exchanger directs the air to the ventilation unit, which is the heart of the entire system. In it, heat is recovered from the air used, which is removed from the interior of the building. In this way, the air that enters the building already has almost room temperature. Its further heating requires just a little more energy. Thanks to this, we have constantly fresh air in the building. In addition, we free ourselves from the problem of moldy walls.

In the case of newly built houses, mechanical ventilation with heat recuperation is a prerequisite for the building to be energy-efficient, yet functional and comfortable.

Solutions for large-scale buildings

The Ground-Therm offer also includes air ground heat exchangers dedicated to multi-car park facilities (schools, kindergartens, sports halls, sales rooms, office buildings, server rooms, etc.).

The main advantage of the GWC system is its economy. The heat and cold used by GWC is obtained for free, directly from the ground. This increases savings in heating or cooling the building. The heat exchanger will also help to reduce the technological heat generated in the production process.

We encourage you to contact our technical advisor with whom you can talk about your investment and present our solutions in detail.

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