Ventiflex PLUS system

Innovative solutions from Ground-Therm

Today’s houses require the effective and efficient ventilation system that will ensure the optimum air quality indoors irrespective of variable weather conditions. The mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation system is the one as described above.

Room temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, dust, mites and mould spores are the factors that crucially affect our comfort of life. A bad or malfunctioning ventilation system at home is also a risk to the buildings themselves, contributing to high humidity and mould growing on walls. To eliminate that problem, the building must be equipped with the efficient ventilation system. Based on many years of experience, Ground-Therm has developed the solutions that we want to draw your attention to: VENTIFLEX® PLUS and GHE.


It is the innovative system of fittings, consisting of 11 basic modules from which you can built a plenum box or manifold with any number of spigots.


It allows you to make the mechanical ventilation system in a comfortable and fast way. Owing to VENTIFLEX® PLUS, its ducts can be easily hidden in the screed, ceilings or under the plaster.

They are the ideal solutions for single family houses, where aesthetic installation is so important. VENTIFLEX® consists of the set of 11 general purpose plastic modules from which any type of the plenum box or manifold for the manifold ventilation system can be assembled in a minute.

The main advantages include:

- total hygiene – the system fittings and ducts are protected against bacteria growth, in particular fungi and moulds (being the real scourge of ventilation systems). It allows to maintain the required purity and ensures hygiene of the supplied air; (PZH certificate + PZH logo)

- high mechanical strength (much higher than of the fittings made of sheet metal);

- high insulation – both thermal and acoustic one (there is no need to use foam insulation in the heated zone); no corrosion risk – because the system materials are made of the highest quality plastic;

- simple installation (press fit), and a small diameter of the ducts enables the entire system to be installed under the screed (in the insulation layer) or above the suspended ceiling. In addition, connections with polyethylene foam gaskets ensure tightness under every conditions and the correct method of running the ducts ensures low pressure losses in the system.


Installation method of VENTIFLEX® PLUS


GHE system

Ground Heat Exchangers (GHE), called by us eco air conditioning systems, are the perfect complement to the efficient ventilation system.

In winter they enable ground heat to be used for initial heating of the air supplied to the house. In summer they enable air to be effectively cooled, ensuring comfort climate inside the building. Unlike the traditional air conditioning systems, the GHE systems do not overdry air, but they ensure the appropriate humidity. Moreover, operation of the GHE system is almost free – air is forced by the fans of the recuperator that is the “heart” of the entire system.

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