Who are we

Ground-Therm is the company with Polish share capital. We specialize in production of modern ventilation systems for residential houses and ground heat exchangers that effectively support any mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery.

We developed our own air distribution system, consisting of 11 plastic modules of which it is possible to construct practically any air distribution system. This system with the trademark of VENTIFLEX® PLUS was patented by us in 2013 (patent no. 405120).

Many years of experience of Ground-Therm in heat flow and fluid hydraulics resulted in production of the first entirely Polish system of pipe ground heat exchangers in 2008. The micro silver technology used by us provides the effective protection against the development of bacteria and fungi. In 2011 we patented the effective method to protect the pipe heat exchangers against high level of groundwater (patent no. 219236).

Now we are focused on production of the ventilation systems for energy efficient buildings and passive house solutions that are the future of the construction industry. We are sure that owing to our innovative technologies you will be able to breathe fresh and healthy air in your homes.

To care for good air quality in each home.

We want to contribute to the improvement of dwellers’ comfort and health both in single family houses and multi-dwelling buildings. We know how a man can be effected by the incorrectly functioning ventilation, we so often encounter in Polish buildings. Lack of concentration, bad sleep and rest, headache and respiratory tract diseases – we want to change the aforementioned by delivering the modern, versatile air distribution systems inside the buildings. Each of them, in combination with the recuperator, ensures continuous access to fresh air.

Our purpose is to protect the natural environment. Both the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and Ground-Therm ground heat exchangers manufactured by us are highly energy efficient systems. Owing to that a significant part of the energy produced by burning fuels (such as coal, gas, wood) may be recovered and saved, and as a result of that – air is getting less polluted.

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